About Us


Mimosa Botanicals was founded by aromatherapist, natural perfumer & nature lover Christiana Jackson in 2016.

Growing up in the Australian Bush, from a young age Christiana was very aware of the smells around her - the damp earth and wet leaves in winter, the dry hay like honey smell in the height of summer when the earth is scorching, camp fires in autumn, the heightened smell of an electrical storm - all these things filled her with joy and a sense of wonder in her small world. 

As an adult in her early 20's, that exploration continued as she moved away from the bush & explored scent & botany all over the world.

Most recently, Christiana has followed a long held dream & has commenced her studies with the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, travelling to Provence, France in July 2023.

Visiting the lavender fields in full bloom & exploring the plants of the provincial climate, which is very much like the climate of Central Victoria - Christiana's love of perfumed flora has been taken to another level - one to which she will continue to share with you through her botanical creations.

"If I could spend all day foraging in nature, I would."

Handcrafted in the Mimosa Botanicals aromatic studio in Castlemaine, Central Victoria, Australia.