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Welcome to Mimosa Botanicals: Where Nature's Essence Transforms into Exquisite Fragrances in our slow botanical perfumery 

Discover the enchanting world of Mimosa Botanicals, nestled in the picturesque Goldfields township of Castlemaine, Central Victoria. As an old-world apothecary studio, we specialise in creating luxurious bath soaks, artisanal apothecary goods, and botanical perfumes that embody the essence of nature's finest offerings.

At Mimosa Botanicals, we take pride in our commitment to utilising only the highest quality, natural ingredients. Including organic, local ingredients, 100% pure essential oils, absolutes, flowers, herbs, resins, barks & clays. Each element is carefully selected to ensure the utmost purity and efficacy in our products.

Our small batch preparations are inspired by the ever-changing seasons, with nature serving as our ultimate muse. You'll often find us foraging in local forests, visiting flower farms, collaborating with nearby apiarists or even even sourcing from our humble backyard to gather the most exquisite ingredients for our small bath preparations.

Embrace the art of slow botanical perfumery with our range of natural perfume oils and eau de parfum, meticulously blended to capture the essence of mother nature. Whether you're drawn to the crisp freshness of herbal blends or the luxurious allure of floral notes, our fragrances offer a sensory journey unlike any other.

Our products are 100% free from synthetics ensuring that you can indulge in guilt-free luxury that's gentle on both your skin and the environment. From our eco-friendly practices to our cruelty-free ethos, we're committed to promoting sustainability and ethical ingredients in every aspect of our business.

We are proudly working from Dja Dja Wurrung country. 

Welcome to our world of beautiful aromatics. Inspired by nature...


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Botanical perfumery and small batch apothecary inspired by nature.