Using our Bath Soaks as scrubs for the body & feet šŸ–¤

Using our Bath Soaks as scrubs for the body & feet šŸ–¤

Here at Mimosa Botanicals we love to create products that not only smell delicious & make you feel special but ones that are versatile too!

There's been many a customer (particularly at markets) that tell me that they adore our bath soaks but don't have a bath! To which I reply "pop them in a foot bath instead!"

Allowing yourself to relax & immerse your tootsie's in a warm comforting soak is one of life's great pleasures - not only will the magnesium provide muscle relief after a long day but you will get the extra benefit of the aromatics through inhalation as the essential oils waft up with the steam from the warm water.

We recommend 2 or 3 tablespoons to a decent size stainless steel mixing bowl (you can get these relatively cheaply from any variety store) filled with warm water.

We've also upped the ante by using the soak as a scrub first before sitting back and relaxing - you can do this by adding 1tsp (5gm) of any neutral smelling nut or seed oil from the pantry (grapeseed, sunflower, almond or coconut) to 3 tbsp (45gm) of soak (our favourite at the moment for this is our French Lavender & Oat Milk but all 4 of our soaks are suitable) & mixing to form a paste - soak your feet for a few minutes before using the paste to massage & gently exfoliate each foot (paying particular attention to the heels) before settling back in for another 10 minute pamper.

Your skin will feel fresh & hydrated - lock in that hydration with a foot massage using our Sweet Beekeeper Skin Balm.

This method can also be applied as a full body scrub, just triple the soak to oil recipe and celebrate your skin!

Happy pampering,

Christiana x


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