The making of Golden Hour

The making of Golden Hour

July 2023 in Sault, Provence in the South of France.

I've just arrived in this pretty town for a few days of rest & relaxation after an intense week of perfumery studies. I've read that Sault is the lavender capital of France so here I am.

It's high summer so the hilltop village is surrounded by lavender fields that seemed to be blooming before my very eyes & wildflower meadows as far as the eye can see. The verge is overgrown to bursting with everlasting flowers, wild herbs and apricot trees that are ripening in the searing heat.

It's been a 35 degree day for the 5th day in a row, too hot to venture out after midday anywhere too far but as the sun starts to make it's way down towards the horizon I venture out again to walk amongst the fields, picking blooms, feeling the warmth on my skin.

It's a glorious time of the day, the summer haze, the colours of dusk.

The scents in the air are incredible - earthy, sweet, herbaceous - so very sensual.

The sun sits on the horizon now.

It's Golden Hour ✨

This scent was born out of this moment.

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