The Making of Folklore

The Making of Folklore

Folklore // definition -

the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth.

Back in the early 2000's I left Australian shores to explore & tap into my ancestral roots in Scotland & Ireland - lands so deeply rooted in storytelling, tradition & folklore.

Both places had a huge impact on my spiritual self - a nature lover - the lush greenness, dramatic landscapes & wild coastlines burrowed under my skin and have remained there ever since. Equally my love of trad music, dance and poetry filled a yearning that I never knew I had - a generational inheritance perhaps?

Fast forward to (2021) it's winter - a time where we turn inwards, hibernate and shift from outdoor pursuits to indoor activities - for me creative writing, reading and when I'm working - blending scents.

I wanted to blend a scent that would inspire creativity, ground ones soul to a sense of contentment, promote togetherness - enough to sit around and tell stories or at least write them down on paper. On the other hand - to feel a sense of purpose in quietude and promote happiness in solitude if that was your desire.

Trees are my grounding force, particularly conifers so those elements were a must for this complex scent - pine & fir needle rich with Australian citrus and elemental notes of tulsi, vetiver & patchouli - a serene embrace with organic lavender & benzoin complete the story.

Folklore Diffuser Blend 🖤

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