The making of Encens et Bois

The making of Encens et Bois

It all started with my trip to France in 2023 and the many pauses along the way to rest, restore and seek solace in ancient cathedrals.

In Australia I rarely venture into a church but in Europe the pull is strong, I guess it's the history at first but then it becomes more than that. They are quiet places to have some respite from the heat (or the cold), a place to rest weary feet and whilst there, a place to contemplate the day, the week, life.

I ventured into one in Aix en Provence where the remnant scent of frankincense incense was strong - I have always loved Frankincense, I adore it as it fills me with on overwhelming sense of calm & contentment. I decided then & there that I will create a parfum rich in this beautiful resin and incorporate other elements of the scene around me on that day, in that space - well worn oak benches that have provided a place of repose for many tired bodies, the scent of dusty limestone walls and old paper from books that have touched a thousand hands, the warm glow of reflective candles, even the geraniums at the entrance in terracotta pots.

I called it Encens et Bois as an ode to this place & the French language - in English - Incense & Wood.


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