Sweet Beekeeper Skin Balm

Sweet Beekeeper Skin Balm


About 18 years ago I started a little hobby business call The Sweet Beekeeper, like now it was a way for me to create beautiful aromatics, skin care products, soaps & perfumes with a focus on honey & beeswax. I was not a beekeeper, but I simply loved those little creatures (I still do) & the natural products they produced.

I sold my wares through Etsy & at the Rose St Artists Market in Fitzroy, Melbourne every Saturday and through the clinic that I was working at as an Aroma & Massage therapist.

After launching Mimosa Botanicals (nearly 7 years ago now) & moving to Castlemaine in regional Victoria The Sweet Beekeeper brand ceased to exist (much to the sadness of many) but of course as a maker and recipe keeper I had always planned to introduce 1 or 2 products to the Mimosa Botanicals catalogue.

Although I have tweaked this recipe the foundation of local honey, beeswax, shea, Australian almond oil, calendula, carrot, lavender, sandalwood & mandarin remains the same with some embellishments that have made this offering even better (in my opinion!!) like local hemp oil, frankincense & rose geranium.

I named it Sweet Beekeeper Skin Balm as a nod to my past formulations & hobby business that has now merged into my work today, a journey that I am so grateful for.

Still in keeping with my ethos of handmade & small batch, this is a time-consuming product to make with various melting points, whipping temperatures and pouring techniques so only 15 pots are made with each batch - this is also to keep things fresh for you as the user.

It's wonderful for dry skin conditions and absorbs really well into hands, feet, face, lips... anywhere really!!!

It's also starting to get quite the following, I hope that you follow along too.

You can purchase here:

Sweet Beekeeper Skin Balm – Mimosa Botanicals

Yours aromatically,

Christiana x




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