How to use our essential oil blends

How to use our essential oil blends

Using our pure essential oil blends.

When I formulated our essential oil blends I wanted to create scents that not only created ambience & smelt amazing in your diffuser or oil burner but that can be utilized in other ways.

Here are a few tips to use our blends around the home (please note - it's vital to always dilute these pure plant extracts - never use them neat on yourself, in the bath or on kitchen surfaces & please never ingest).


1. The obvious - 5 to 6 drops in your electric diffuser or candle lit oil burner for ambience in any room - your favourite in winter is our woodland blend, Folklore - rich in conifers & Australian citrus.


2. A few drops around the plug hole of your shower just before hoping under, let the steam from the hot shower fill your lungs with the beautiful aroma of Verdure (particularly fab in the mornings for an instant uplift) or Slumber (at night when you are on the wind down from the day).


3. In the mop bucket! Adding 10 to 12 drops off your desired blend (Roseum is my favourite for this) to your steaming hot cleaning water and then moping your timber or lino floors not only gives them that extra clean but the smell lingers and well, we all need some extra luxury when we are cleaning right?


4. To the bath - it is VERY important that if you are wanting to use these blends in the bath that you dilute them into an emulsifying agent (as oil and water don't mix we need something that combines the 2 or at least dilutes the pure essences). My favourite is oat milk but you can use whole cow milk, coconut cream or a carrier oil like almond or sunflower.

 If using the milk option add 4 - 5 drops to 1 cup of milk then stir to combine - adding to a full bath before hopping in.

 In a carrier oil 4 drops to 1 tsp oil well combined before adding to the bath is lovely - note that the carrier oil sits on the surface of the water so giving it a good invigorate to disperse is helpful.


5. In a massage - again, it is VITAL that you dilute the pure essential oils into a base before applying to the skin, essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and can be skin irritants if not diluted before use.


For every 10ml base oil (almond, olive, coconut etc...) add 6 - 8 drops then stir well before use - this method of use can be used in self massage or with another for something more sensual.


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