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Mimosa Botanicals

Lilac Pomade


The beautiful lilac ~ appearing fleetingly every spring, showering us with their purple flowers and the sweet, green powdery fragrance that hints to the warmer months ahead.

Lilacs aroma can not be captured by steam distillation so in turn is not available as an essential oil, it is only through the traditional perfumery method of enfleurage ( French for enflowering) that their mesmerising aroma can be transferred to a base of fat (emollient).

I have chosen organic shea butter as the base and hand picked local lilac flowers everyday for 2 weeks to charge the shea. 

By placing the fresh flower on the chassis everyday the fat takes on the aromatic molecules of the flower, after the short season what we are left with is a pomade. 

I offer you this pomade, the scent is subtle but to me, unmistakabley lilac. (not too sweet like synthetic lilac fragrance). 

I have added a hint of orris root to enhance the lilacs & to act as a fixative for this pomade but what you get is simple - organic shea butter charged with fresh lilac flowers. 

Use as a natural (subtle) perfume, as a lip balm, massage balm or rich face balm. 

As the shea butter comes in contact with your warm skin, not only will the scent be released but the butter will begin to melt, making it easier to apply and for you to enjoy. 

10gm tin. 

Small batch // hand made //artisan 


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